Our Story

Our Founder and CEO, Duane Freed, started Radiant with a passion for nature, art and entrepreneurship. As a teenager he worked for a local plant nursery where he developed a love for botanicals and, in particular, perennial flowers. He loved using his hands to create something beautiful that brought joy and delight to people.

In his twenties, Duane owned a packaging and shipping business that specialized in safely packing and shipping high end art and fragile antique decor. These packing techniques have been applied to shipping Radiant's high end faux arrangements, which are one of the more difficult items to ship. We are grateful for the ability to safely deliver our arrangements to our customers.

Radiant's designs have brought delight and joy to people across numerous industries--senior living, hospitality, corporate, restaurant, residential, healthcare, and many more. 

If you are a designer, it would be an honor to partner with you to create beautiful interior spaces that delight and inspire your clients every day.

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